15+ Best URL Shortener to Earn Paytm Cash (2023)

15+ Best URL Shortener to Earn Paytm Cash (2023)

Hello, folks, do you realize that making Paytm money online is truly simple in the event that you just skill to do it? Here is 15+ Best URL Shortener to Earn Paytm Cash (2023).

That is the reason today, I will show you the absolute best URL Shortener to bring in Paytm money rapidly and without any problem.

Bringing in cash by shortening the URL is the best activity since you don’t need to endeavor to bring in Paytm money.

You need the URL and utilize the Shortener site to create a short URL, and that is it, and you can make Paytm money while unwinding and sitting idle.

In this blog entry, I will likewise cover how to create perspectives to help your income.

All in all, would you say you are energized?

Chapter by chapter list

15+ URL Shortener sites to Earn Paytm cash.

  1. Shrinkme.io
  2. Gplinks. in
  3. Smoner.com
  4. Shrinkearn.com
  5. Shorte. st
  6. Linkrex.net
  7. Adpaylink.com
  8. Shrtfly.com
  9. Urlshortx.com
  10. Adf.ly
  11. uii.io
  12. Cutwin.com
  13. short. am
  14. uiz.io
  15. Adyen. me
  16. Shink. me
  17. ouo.io

How to create 1000 perspectives (2 Easy advances)?

Last contemplations

to Earn Paytm cash.

1 Shrinkme.io

Shrinkme.io is perhaps the most believed Url Shortener to bring in Paytm money on the web. You can without much of a stretch bring in Paytm money with Shrink.

Keep in mind, you can just pull out at least 5 dollars.

The best thing about shrinkme.io is that you will get day by day installments, so you don’t need to pause; at whatever point you have procured your base 5 dollars, you can pull out them immediately.


  • $5 Minimum Withdraw
  • 20% reference reward
  • Installment alternatives: Paytm, Paypal, Bitcoins, or through bank move.

2 Gplinks.in

Uplinks is an Indian site and the best URL Shortener to Earn Paytm rapidly. In the event that you have a local area like a Youtube channel or Whatsapp bunch site, you can undoubtedly transform your traffic into benefit.

Uplinks is a free instrument however assist you with bringing in cash without any problem. In the event that I talk about the Payout paces of Gplinks in India, you would be astonished that they give 5 dollars for every 1000 perspectives in India.

Aside from procuring you will likewise get a decent assistance group, they will be prepared to help you generally if there should arise an occurrence of confronting any issues.

They additionally have an astounding interface to dissect your crowd and comprehend what brings you more pay and perspectives.


  • $5 Minimum pull out
  • Most elevated Rates
  • Devoted backings group
  • Measurable apparatuses to comprehend your crowd

3 Smoner.com

Smoner.com is likewise an incredible instrument that can be utilized for bringing in Paytm money. Their Payout rates are continually expanding, and for 1000 perspectives in India.

40 thousand clients are now enlisted with Smoner.com, and now it’s your opportunity to bring in cash with it.

The best part about Smoner.com is that you can allude it to your companions. You can acquire their 10% bonus for a lifetime. That implies when your companions utilize the Stoner stage to bring in cash, you will get their 10% pay.

So indeed, Stoner is the best URL Shortener to bring in Paytm money, and another explanation I call this the best is that 3 dollars are the base payout on Stoner.


  • 10% reference pay
  • Extraordinary dashboard to control all highlights
  • Extraordinary API

4 Shrinkearn.com

Least Payout on Shrinkearn is 3 dollars, and you can pull out your profit whenever through Paytm, Paypal, Bank move, GooglePay, or Bitcoin.

You will adore the reference program of Shrinkearn.com in light of the fact that you can procure a 20% commission from your companion’s profit. So ensure you allude your companions too.


  • 20% reference pay
  • Least Withdrawal $3
  • Installment choices: Paytm, Paypal, Phonepe, or direct bank move

5 Shorte.st

Shorte. St is one of the most seasoned connection Shortener sites where you can bring in cash without any problem. This site is a confided in one. So you don’t have to stress over not getting your Payment.

With shorte.ts, your crowd will just see premium advertisements and not spam ones. You can likewise check their alliance programs where you need to welcome your companions, and you can procure their bonus too.


  • Complete Stats to comprehend your crowd.
  • 20% subsidiary profit.
  • WordPress and BlogSpot devices and modules.
  • High CPM rates-premium promotions with premium cash

6 Linkrex.net

With regards to top URL Shortener to make Paytm money. Linkrex.net additionally goes under the rundown.


  • Installments on schedule
  • 25% Referral pay
  • 99% Uptime – Servers are rarely down
  • Simple Dashboard – Know your crowd and your pay in a simple manner.

7 Adpaylink.com

You can acquire 13 dollars from Adpaylink.com by getting sees from Germany and as much as 10 dollars from Switzerland and the US.

Be that as it may, ensure just to create special perspectives in light of the fact that similar perspectives from a similar IP address won’t be thought of.

India’s payout rate is 4 dollars, and the base payout is only 5 dollars which isn’t hard to acquire.

Adpaylink.com additionally has programmed apparatuses, so you don’t have to change over the entirety of your connections consequently.


  • Day by day payouts-You can pull out cash each day.
  • Higher CPM rates than any time in recent memory.
  • Programmed devices
  • Great help and outreach group
  • Installment choices Bank move, Paypal, payeer, WebMoney.

8 Shrtfly.com

Shrtfly.com is the best URL Shortener to make Paytm money rapidly. You can procure 21 dollars on the off chance that you get sees from Greenland. Presently is viable with Google Adsense, which is the most believed promotion organization to bring in cash.

In a matter of seconds is associated with promoters from one side of the planet to the other and in each specialty. In the event that you are a blogger or Youtuber and you need to bring in cash from Shortening URLs, at that point it is anything but an issue in which specialty you are.


  • Adsense similarity
  • Most noteworthy CPM
  • 30% Referral pay
  • Clean promotions

9 Urlshortx.com

Urlshortx accompanies a low least payout, and you are needed to acquire not many dollars to get your first installment.

Urlshortx.com is a direct stage to utilize. You should simply to make your record, Shortener the URL, and bring in cash.


  • You just need $3 as a base to pull out
  • Installments alternatives – Bank move, Paypal, Skrill
  • day in and day out upholds group to help you at whatever point you need

10 Adf.ly

Adfly is one of the most established and most confided in CPM sites where you can undoubtedly make Money with the best and most elevated Payout rates. Which is the most elevated you can at any point get from any CPM site.

Every one of the promotions are appropriately checked to guarantee they are protected and don’t contain any infection with the goal that your watchers are certain while going through your connection.


  • Site apparatuses
  • Most elevated CPM
  • Installment alternatives – PayPal and Payoneer

11 uii.io

Uii.io is a totally free apparatus and the best connection shortener to bring in cash to make interfaces free of charge and bring in cash without speculation.

The best element of Uii.io is that similar perspectives from a similar client will likewise be tallied. Regardless of whether your companions or guests see the connections twice, you will bring in cash.


  • Extraordinary Supports group
  • 20% Referral reward
  • Less Ads however Higher Payout

12 Cutwin.com

Cutwin.com is another best URL Shortener to bring in Paytm cash, and their CPM is acceptable in each country. In excess of 117,000 clients are registers, and in excess of 10,26,642 connections are clicked.


  • Low Minimum Payout
  • 23% Referral pay
  • Quickly developing connection Shortener

13 short.am

short pays $2.50 per 1000 perspectives from the US and UK. On the off chance that I talk about India’s CPM rate or Payout rate, you can procure 1.80 dollars.

In the event that you have WordPress sites, Short. Am likewise have modules that you can use on your site to simplify your life and simpler.


  • Installment alternatives – PayPal or Payoneer.
  • Reference pay 20%
  • Every day Payments
  • Modules for your sites

14 uiz.io

With UizIo, you can procure great CPM from the United States per 1,000 perspectives, which is the most elevated CPM given by Uiz.io.

Your Payment will be naturally shipped off your record after it has arrived at the base installment. So you don’t need to do it physically.


  • Extraordinary promotions design
  • 43000+ Users enrolled
  • Installment Options: PayPal, Payeer, WebMoney, Bitcoin
  • Installment Frequency – Weekly (Every Monday)

15 Adyen.me

Your site can support your online pay as it’s ideal for bringing in cash online by shortening the URL.

You can procure 5 dollars for every 1000 perspectives on Adyou. Me, and in India, you can procure 2.5 dollars per 1000 perspectives.

The base payout is just 5 dollars which are not that hard to procure. So indeed, you should attempt Adyen.me


  • Most noteworthy CPM with Global inclusion
  • Opportune Payments
  • $5 Minimum Payout
  • Installment choices – PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoins, Payza, Web cash, Vodafone, Neteller

16 Shink.me

ShinkMe is likewise a decent connection Shortener to bring in cash online from home without venture.

The base payout is 5 dollars which can be gathered effectively through Paypal whenever it is acquired.


  • 1,01,602 Registered clients
  • Payout rate in India – $1.50
  • day in and day out Supports group
  • 20% commission through reference

17 ouo.io

OuoIo permits bringing in cash from a similar watcher on various occasions that methods for a similar guest sees your connection different time you will in any case bring in cash.

You can procure well in the event that you can produce traffic from Australia. The best thing about ouo.io is that they show less promotions for an extraordinary client experience yet pay high rates.


  • Less advertisements however get a higher payout
  • Installment alternatives – PayPal, Payoneer, Payeer, and Bitcoin installment
  • Great dashboard to control every one of the exercises.
  • 7*24 Live help
  • How to produce 1000 perspectives (2 Easy advances)?

Yet, let me show you some simple approaches to produce 1000 perspectives on your URL abbreviated connection.

Stage 1. Settle on your URL Shortener program; I have shown you the 17 best URL shortener to make Paytm money; presently it’s your decision to choose one. In the event that you don’t have a clue how to decide, You can pick on the accompanying premise:

Pick the one which you confide in the most

Select the one with a high CPM in India.

Ensure the advertisements are genuine and not 18+

Stage 2. You need to Select your traffic channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, or a blog.

Assume you have a YouTube channel, an incredible web-based media presence. At that point it will be simple for you to procure.

However, assuming you don’t have any channel where you can drive traffic from, you need to attempt to assemble, and I will precisely tell you the best way to make an extraordinary traffic channel.

Start an online media image page.

Offer amusing recordings and pictures.

Fabricate supporters

When you have sufficient adherents following stage is to share your shortener interface with them. We should perceive how to do it accurately.

Track down an entertaining video on YouTube.

Duplicate the URL and abbreviate it.

Post the half video on your online media account and request that supporters go through the connect to watch the full video.

Thusly, you will make an oddity among individuals to go through your connection. This is called advertising.

Last considerations

These are the best 17 URL shortener to bring in Paytm money by shortening the URL. I have additionally examined how you can create perspectives and make individuals click and go through your connections to bring in cash.

All things being equal, build up your own traffic channel through websites and web-based media. In this way, you can generally continue acquiring without spamming.

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