5 Best Websites Where You Can Watch Videos and Earn Money Online

18 Best Websites Where You Can Watch Videos and Earn Money Online

You most probably spend hour’s watching videos on your phone and computer. Most of those videos are for entertainment purposes.

With high-speed internet, watching videos seems like a pleasant thanks to spend time. But what, if I say, you’ll watch videos and earn money at an equivalent time.

People are watching more and more videos thanks to the pandemic. But have you ever ever wondered what proportion time you waste binge-watching these videos?

Wouldn’t it’s amazing if you knew – you’ll get paid to observe videos?

Yes, you heard it right, you’ll watch an equivalent sort of videos like YouTube videos, movies, ads and obtain purchased an equivalent .

Watch Videos and Earn Money

A lot of questions are attacking your mind, I know.

This article will assist you skills you’ll be making money online by watching videos and utilize your free time. On one hand, it’ll entertain you, on the opposite , it’ll assist you make some side income.

Note: you’ll roll in the hay as a free-time gig but don’t consider it as a substitution to your regular job.

Here may be a list of 18 websites and a few apps which will assist you make money in your free time. These websites are legit and many people are already using them worldwide.

Go through these websites to seek out out how. a number of these websites offer you good money, while others don’t reward that much. But all of them are worth to offer it a try.

Some of these websites pay your cash and a few of them offer you rewards within the sort of gift cards (like Amazon gift cards, Starbucks, etc.) or vouchers.

5 Excellent Ways to Earn Money Online

  1. ySense
    ySense is one among the simplest websites where you’ll watch videos and earn money. I even have been working and making money with ySense from the last 8 years.

You can signup ySense here then start performing on ySense. you’ll find various tasks and offers where in ySense that ask you to observe different videos and video ads to earn money.

You can also get paid to finish online surveys in ySense. you’ll cashout your earning through PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill.

  1. Swagbucks
    Swagbucks may be a renowned website to earn money by watching videos and ads. you’ll visit the web site and install the cash earning apps by watching videos also .

Its tagline is- ‘surveys that pay’. it’ll pay you for answering surveys, watching ads, videos, etc. Not only this, Swagbucks pays you for enjoying games too.

one Swagbuck equals one cent. It means once you earn 100 Swagbucks, you create $1.

You can redeem this cash once you cross the $3 threshold. It are often converted to cash easily otherwise you can use it as Amazon gift card, Walmart, Starbucks, etc.

  1. InboxDollars
    InboxDollars is one among the foremost popular and simply accessible websites to form money by doing short tasks like watching videos, playing games, shopping, etc.

You can earn vouchers and scratch cards. The videos you’ll watch during a day is restricted .

By the top of a year, you’ll earn anywhere between $50-$100.

  1. Netflix
    I know it’s surprising for you, but Netflix deserves to get on this list. Oftentimes, Netflix opens posts called taggers.

It is a lucrative job where Taggers watch many new Netflix series and associate them with various tags.

With this job, you’ll make around $69,000 annually . Netflix only hires 30 people to try to to this job. The competition is hard , therefore, you would like to be vigilant about it.

Read this text to seek out out the intricate job of a Netflix Binge-Watcher, or Tagger.

  1. AdFun
    AdFun may be a website which is slightly different from other rewarding sites. Here, people bid for prizes. you’ll make a gaggle or roll in the hay yourself. People can even interact with one another via AdFun.

Here you’ll be making money online by watching videos. You later use the cash you earned for bidding for various prizes.

The winner takes the worth and people don’t get anything. you’ll participate in several bids, but confirm you’ve got enough money/points.

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