7 Important Things to try after Starting your Blog

7 Important Things to try after Starting your Blog

I have dozens of popular blogs in my name. There are many things I immediately implement in my new blogs once I create it. Here you can try 7 Important Things to try after Starting your Blog.

  1. Write Blog Posts

    The first thing to try to to after starting a blog is to write down blog posts. Sounds funny right? But that’s the truth . you cannot rank your blog with no content in it. Also, another important thing to stay in mind is to write down blog posts during a customized order and not only for the sake of writing.

Blog posts must be Seo optimized in order that it might rank easily in google and also convenient for the readers to read it.

Well if you’re on a platform like WordPress you’ll easily install the Yoast SEO plugin for better customization.

You can check the readability of your posts over there like whether you used the right amount of passive words, the length of the paragraphs and also the consecutive words used.

Also, you’ll easily check the transition length of the sentences and also either any subheadings used or not.

Below shown are factors which are involved in writing an honest blog post.

Also, adding a correct description of the post works well because it may attract more visitors to our blog by this method.

  1. Add Pages and categories

    Adding pages on the blog is vital the maximum amount as adding blog posts. Pages generally added for a specific purpose. Some important pages should to be included are About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer etc.

About us, the page usually mentions the author & the aim of the blog.

Next comes the Contact page where the visitors can approach the blog authors for any help like for guest posts, acquiring information etc.

Then the Privacy Policy page is added which incorporates information on whether the blog has some restrictions or not.

One can distribute the kinds of posts in several categories. A blog with attractive categories are way easier to seek out any information for people they’re trying to find .

  1. Submit Sitemap

    As we know, Google has certain algorithms for his or her services. Google systems are mostly supported AI , as in order that they only understand machine language.

Submitting sitemaps can help us in making a preference within the World Wide Web. Google regularly keeps sending crawlers to crawl our website.

On failing to satisfy the wants of Google, it keeps our blog Uncrawled and it’s a nasty effect on our ranking.

One can easily create on website sitemaps by signing up in Google Search Console for free of charge . it’s an easy process for the creation of sitemaps. we will add it as “crawl > sitemaps”.

On platforms like WordPress, one can download plugins like Google XML Sitemaps plugin or Yoast SEO plugin for the creation of a sitemap.

  1. found out Google Analytics

    Either for a replacement blog or for an old blog, having a track for your traffic is extremely essential. Now, what does actually mean? Having a track over traffic means the tracking of the activities of the visitors.

Which posts are more preferred by the audience, which keywords are more searched by the people and also the age bracket of the people checking out certain topics?

The real-time visitors also can be tracked by this method. we will also keep a track on which country the people are from.

Go to Google Analytics, signup, add your website and replica the tracking code. you would like to feature this tracking code in your theme.

Check your theme, if there’s any choice to add Google Analytics code, otherwise you’ll add Google Analytics plugins.

The writer can then write posts, keeping in mind the interest of audience. this is often a far better way of running a blog which is more likely to rank quick.

  1. Keyword Research

    That days have gone once you write any random blog and it starts ranking on the online . Back in early 2000, there wasn’t much competition on the web and other people could easily rank their blog.

But now the time has changed and ranking in Google isn’t that easy. But still with better keyword research, one can rank their blog.

On the initial level, one should choose a coffee competition keyword. Initially, the domain has low DA, PA then you will not be ready to rank on a high competition keyword.

CPC of the keyword should be checked. A keyword with low competition but also low CPC isn’t good to figure at because although you rank thereon , you’d be earning very less.

Also, the quantity of the keywords showed to be checked. Volume determines what percentage people are trying to find that specific keyword.

Also, it might help in identifying the perfect keyword for ranking well on the online . you’ll easily perform keyword research using Google Keyword Planner.

Its a free service from Google. you’ll even check other premium tools like Ahrefs, SEMRush etc. where you’ll find tons more details aside from keyword research. I personally like Ahrefs.

  1. Create Backlinks

    Backlinks usually created from one website to a different . As these links are external links, they’re termed as backlinks. Backlinks have a positive effect on the websites rank and SEO. It generally increases your site authority.

It will also build your brand authority. Building a web authority are often very beneficial and may work long-time for generating leads etc.

Also, building backlinks can produce to friendships. Guest posts are one among the various ways of making backlinks.

While posing for a backlink through guest post may produce to new relations too which is important to possess .

Backlinks will help increase the traffic of the location by ranking higher. a top quality link from a high traffic site can really offer plenty of traffic.

I highly recommend to read this Backlinko guide to make top quality links for your blog. this may assist you to skyrocket your search traffic from Google.

  1. Social Media Share Buttons

    This can be termed as a perfect way of driving traffic on your blog. Social media shares work as an enormous advantage on better ranking on the blogs. So it’s vital to feature social media share buttons on our blog.

It becomes easier to speak with our blog followers by adding such buttons. Also, people might share your thoughts and knowledge with people with a neater connection.

You’re selling a service, so adding social media links can increase your sales as people can contact you directly.

Also, you’ll meet like-minded people doing such things. Working or being in-tuned with like-minded people can surely upgrade our potential to figure and help within the future .

Although there are more ways for better customization of the blog. As above mentioned 10 things to try to to after starting your blog which is basically important.

Hard work and persistence is that the key to the blogging field. One cannot rank any post within the blink of an eye fixed. Following the above-mentioned 10 things to try to do after starting your blog and applying proper Seo methods can help take your blog to a subsequent level.

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