Earn Money “Just by Clicks”

Earn Money “Just by Clicks”

Today i’m getting to tell you about the way to earn money “Just from clicks”. Many of you knew about this method but this is something special.

Yes! i’m talking about the “Link Shortener website”. Let’s attend realize it.

1) what’s the Link shortener website?

Link shortener website may be a website where we will short our links. Let’s take an example if we would like to send link of any YouTube video link to our friends but it’s very long then we short it using this website.

2) the way to earn money from the Link shortener website

There are many websites that buy clicking on links. We just need to sin-up thereon website and short our links from the web site and need to share with our friends. If your friends click on your link, you’re getting to earn money from it. The more clicks, the more you earn.

3) what proportion money are often earned?

Every website has its own fixed rates which are called ‘CPM’. Means different rates for various websites. It varies from country to country. This website pays on a mean $15-$20 for foreign countries like UK, CHINA, etc. For India, the CPM rates range from $5-$7.

4) the way to get more clicks?

If you would like to earn extra money from these websites then you’ve got to bring traffic. you’ll create your movies or web series channel on telegram where you’ll give links and obtain more clicks. you’ll share short links of interesting videos to your friends. If you’ve got your blog website then you furthermore may can share links there and obtain good traffic from there also. Using social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Pinterest, and lots of more. you’ll also join the films page on Facebook and may share your short link of flicks which can bring many clicks.

5) Payment Methods

Again, different payment methods for various websites but the foremost common methods are PayPal and Bank transfer. Some websites make your withdrawal on day to day . a number of on weekends and a few on monthly basis. Again, different minimum withdrawal amount for various websites.

6) Things that to not do

a) Proxy traffic

b) Self clicking

c) Bot traffic

d) Some websites don’t allow 18+ links to short so be careful for it once.

You have to follow genuine ways for bringing the traffic. you are trying to bring proxy traffic or no traffic then you’ll be banned from respective websites.

7) Bonus tip to urge more clicks

Different websites has their own features. you’ll get more clicks if it’s user-friendly. this suggests if people can easily open your link then you get more clicks. If your link shortener website shows fewer ads then it’s not very annoying to your users and you’ll get more clicks. to seek out inspect the simplest website.

So, many thanks all. do this method i’m sure that you simply are getting to earn money. I personally use one website which is best. Try it once.

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